Monday, November 14, 2011

November Theme 1

November Theme 1 by victorinemusic

This week's song is a bit out of the ordinary for me... It all started with a horrible movie called "Something Borrowed." (Seriously, when is John Krasinski going to be in a good movie?)

I couldn't stand how many times this romantic comedy changed the plot in which we all know would end happily. I felt like the score did not fit well either. So, I thought I would take my own crack at what would be music for a Rom-com which brings us to this piece.

Completely tracked in Reason. I used a lot of Abbey Roads samples (Mellotron, B3) as well as Reason Pianos. Mixed in Pro Tools. The mix is no where near what I would prefer, but I do have time limits that I have to keep moving, so live and learn...

Thanks for listening

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