Monday, December 19, 2011

THE DREAMER by victorinemusic

The idea for this song started with two different main guitar parts that were mostly influenced by the Foo Fighters songs: "The Pretender" and "February Stars."  I wanted to make this song have a "Big" feel to it with strings, but was not sure how to accomplish that.
 Every time I went to come up with melodies for the strings John Williams Star Wars themes would fly through my head, but I couldn't get them to fit with the guitar arrangement.

I wanted to convey the sense of unlimited possibilities that come with dreams. All too often we are attacked at the slightest notion of dreaming bigger than where you are, bigger than the reality of your current day.  While the ones who work so hard to minimize your dream are the very ones who are too afraid to dream themselves. 

This song almost drove me to insanity while recording it. I attempted recording guitars 3 separate times before having anything worth keeping. And even one of my dogs was able to sneek in and interrupt tracking at one point (I will post the outtake later).  The high chorus melody  is a combination of  a lot of different string sounds from Reason and a  super compressed guitar tracked using my modded OD-1 pedal with an Line 6 echo park for delay. All guitar tracks ran through my Top Hat Club Royale.  I had one close mic (sm57) and a AKG C414 about 2 feet back from the amp while tracking guitars.  The first time the high part comes in without drums I was using reversed cymbal hits to kind of add to the Ambiance.  The mix still needs some love, but there will be time for that later. 

"Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men" - Goethe

Thanks for listening

Photo by Kevin Dooley

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