Monday, February 13, 2012

Great Statements by Foo Fighters and Bon Iver at Grammy's Last Night

If you missed the Grammys last night, you didn't miss a whole lot. But worth noting is Foo Fighters (4 Grammy's) and Bon Iver's (2 Grammy's) wins.

In case you didn't know Foo Fighters recorded their latest record completely analog in Dave's garage with producer Butch Vig. IMHO it's an amazing rock record. Dave Grohl took the opportunity to reiterate that great music comes from the heart and mind, from the "human element" not from being perfect. Check it out:

Foo Fighters mash-up performance at the end of the night with Deadmau5 was horrible, but their earlier performance of "Walk" was really good. You can watch it below:

What I love about Bon Iver's acceptance speech was his emphasis that he only began making music simply for the joy of making music.

Bon Iver was on Saturday Night Live a week ago, you can see that video here:

I felt like those were highlights worth sharing from last night...also the dudes in Band Perry kinda look like girls (see Bon Iver clip above).

If you want to see who won what or was nominated you can also go here:

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