Monday, April 30, 2012

April Theme

APRILTHEME by victorinemusic

Ever created something only to find out that you didn't really create it?

That it was just floating around your subconscious as a distorted form of something you hear or saw somewhere else?  When does something you heard or saw change from being an "Influence" on your work to being plagiarism?

We have to laugh when this happens... And I'm pretty sure that's what happened when I finished this track.... then I remembered that I had heard a melody line a little too similar to this guitar line in a movie....that movie was Moneyball.

And this is the track that i think my subconscious ripped off with out telling me:

For this track I just laid down a bunch of layers of "G" on synth/pads, and a reversing piano hit that I time-stretched and copied/pasted/cross-faded for the duration of the song.  Tracked acoustic with my Taylor, and it was a little too noisy..I did not spend a lot of time mixing this track down.  The pianos are from Reason Pianos.

Thanks for listening.

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