Tuesday, October 30, 2012


ONWARD by victorinemusic

This song started out with just the piano lines, I had other ideas for the big sections of this piece, but couldn't quite find the right thing (being the right drums beat)  to keep the energy moving at a faster pace.  The mix i feel may be lacking in the low end, but time for that later.  Just like the title, Onward.

Pianos, strings and crispy sounds in Reason.  Drums via BFD, and guitars as always are real.
(telly ran through Top Hat Club Royale miced close with SM57, and back 3 ft with an Oktava MK-012.
SM57 through my Chameleon Labs mic pre, and Oktava through focus right mic pre on the digi - 002.

Thanks for listening,

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mike victorine said...

once again good material