Monday, December 5, 2011


FANFARE by victorinemusic
Have you ever done something everyday? Thousands of times? Feeling the exact same way every time, and then one day you do this task, chore, whatever, but it felt completely different?

I was also thinking of an assembly line, where something mechanical is being done, but then upon closer inspection you can see that the series of events can be viewed as a piece of art.

So many mundane things that have to be done everyday, where be it at work, or
home can be different when we change our point of view.  I am often reminded by my amazing significant other that fun can be had at any time, anywhere, doing even the most boring of tasks.

So, here's to the ordinary, and trying to make it a little more fun.

Thanks for listening.

This song was created and mixed in Reason.  The main piano line was done with the Mrs. Mills Piano from the Abbey Roads sample package.

P.S. The photo above was found here:
This is a great collection of title screens from classic movies.

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