Friday, December 9, 2011


What inspires you?

I think that we often wait for inspiration instead of going out and looking for it.  Sure, there are times whens it just comes to you, but how do you stay inspired on a regular basis for being creative?
Especially if you can't always operate in a "Creative" environment.  I think if inspiration doesn't come to you, you just have to go out and find it yourself. 

One place online I check up on quite a bit is
Szymon Blaszczyk's inspiration log

There's new work posted here everyday:

Looking on twitter I found such profound statements about inspiration for music:

 "My biggest inspiration when it comes to musicis @JustinBieber. He shows that anything and everything is possible."

-I don't find him all that inspiring.

"Pancakes are a great inspiration for rap music"


"he is my hero. my inspiration. he is amazing. his music is wonderful. he is super sweet. he is a purple ninja. his name? justin drew bieber♥"

-I'm still not impressed.

So I've decided to start an inspiration page here to post inspirational stuff I'm finding.  I'll be updating it every couple of weeks.  If your creating anything and want to share your inspiration send it to me at

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